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How it works

This service requires no account or registration in any form, your Peercoin address is your account and txid of the bet is your receipt. Users place their bets by sending Peercoins to appropriate address. Each address now represents a pot. Among three pots per game only one can win as bets are for the regular time soccer game only (90 minutes + extra time). Soccer game can end with: home win, guest win or draw. The house (Peerbet) takes the Peercoins from both losing pots, deducts the 5% house fee and distributes the resulting balance proportionally to input to all the bettors in the winning pool. Users from the winning pot can expect the winning to be distributed within 16h after the regular time of the game has ended. Payment will be sent to the address of the largest input of the bet transaction. Bets are accepted as long as they are sent before the game starts. Bets that come too late into the game will be returned to sender after house deducts 1.01 Peercoin fee. There is no minimum or maximum bet size.

Terms of Service

Use this service at your own risk. The Peerbet team does everything possible to ensure bets being paid out properly. Peerbet cannot be held responsible for payment issues. The games are parsed from the official UEFA web page, but it's the user's responsibility to double check the correctness of the game listing before placing a bet. Profits are used to fund Peercoin application development.